Welcome to MUN students visiting this site for the first time on the final day of BISMUN.

WyMUN is a Model United Nations database. We have information about various MUN procedures and rules, glossaries and a Resolution Archive. To find this site from your PC or laptop, visit or just type "WyMUN" into Google.

Whilst At BISMUN You May Want To Have A Look AtEdit

Or you can just browse our site using the search option or the drop-down menu (both at the top of the page).

You Can Contribute to WyMUNEdit

WyMUN is a student created database that anyone can edit. We have a full list of United Nations Member States, but most of the country profiles are empty. You are free to edit any or all of them to include the information that you have researched for BISMUN. If you visit this site again from a PC or laptop, you can find a page with little or no information and click on the "edit" button to start your work!

Eventually, all the country pages will be full of content and you can use the WyMUN database for future conferences.

Tell Us How Things Are Going at BISMUN By Leaving a Comment BelowEdit

Comments are moderated regularly!

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