Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: Urban Crime Prevention

Submitted by: Ukraine

Fully aware that the Overseas Security Advisory Council has declared that crime levels in Ukraine are the highest at night social events,

Deeply concious that the training of police officers is insufficient and crime is not being recorded efficiently or at all in some cases,

Emphasising the fact that this may affect many other states as well as Ukraine and its European neighbours,

Desiring the introduction of identification cards for people wishing to purchase alcohol,

  1. Suggests that the number of night-time police patrols should be increased nationwide by;
    1. diverting police assets from suburban environments that have lower crime rates,
      1. with the provision that this does not increase the levels of crime in these areas,
    2. providing advertisment and recruitment to entice members of the police forces into the urban environment,
  2. Resolves to provide financial initiatives to states in order to aid them in their recruiting and training of new police forces;
  3. Urges member states to use national identification processes to identify people and places in the urban environment that specifically fuel night-time crime and violence;
  4. Invites member states to work towards a universal set of laws governing protection of, and provision for, informants;
  5. Calls upon member states to run weapon amnesties to encourage disarmament of gangs and militia groups that proliferate violence.

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