Committee: Politics

Question of: Trespass into the North Pole in Search of Oil

Submitted by: Netherlands

Recognises the North Pole as a land mass at point within the northern hemisphere,

Deeply conscious of Russia’s attempts to claim the North Pole as theirs,

Realises that the chances are there is oil in the North Pole system,

  1. Calls for a Special Visa (SV) to be created, any visitors wishing to enter the North Pole would have to apply for a SV two months in advance. A purpose built committee formed by the UN would then process the application and within one month the SV if passed would be sent to the visitor either by mail or by the Internet using a secure website to collect the SV number;
  2. Calls for a special UN peacekeeping force to be formed, the BCFPTNP, Border Control Force for the Prevention of Trespass into the North Pole. The roles of the BCFPTNP would be to;
    1. patrol the border of the North Pole to ensure that only visitors with a special visa (see clause 1) will be permitted to enter the North Pole,
    2. ensure that any country trespassing for oil are immediately escorted to the border and are forced to leave. Under these circumstances the nation's government involved will be given a three-year ban on gaining a SV,
    3. monitor what any visitors are doing and where they are,
  3. Urges any country that is currently planning to or is currently trespassing into the North Pole to stop this illegal act and to preserve this landmass.

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