Committee: Political and Legal

Question of: Transferring Gurantanamo Bay Prisoners

Submitted by: United States

Believing that Guantanamo Bay continues to be a vital tool for the global battle against terrorism,

Accepting that the prison has not been completely ideal in terms of its transferral system,

Bearing in mind the danger of individuals seeking to cause terror and panic in the world,

Reaffirming its absolute faith in America's methods of prisoner movement,

Noting with deep concern the tendency to use excessive force in altercations with inmates,

  1. Urges for the immediate disposal of all other terrorist incarceration facilites and in their places the formation of a complete system to deal with the international terrorist threat called the United Terrorist War Incarceration System;
  2. Calls for the immediate creation of a secure anti-terrorism hub, and an independent body to regulate international relations and conduct in relation to;
    1. terrorism,
    2. the prevention of terrorism,
    3. methods of the incarceration of terror suspects,
  3. Suggests that the UN grant the United States of America and other responsible nations unrestricted access to any international airspace when transferring terror suspects including;
    1. the addition of a specially designed aircraft priority system to ensure safe and efficient transfer of prisoners,
    2. the introduction of a UN licensing scheme in order to regulate and monitor the movement and traffic of nations carrying terror suspects,
  4. Insists that Guantanamo Bay be extended to have the capacity to hold all terrorist suspects, meaning that there is less movement of prisoners internationally.

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