Committee: Environment

Question of: Toxic Chemicals

Submitted by: Lithuania

Recognises that our military have made previous mistakes by contaminating our soil with petroleum and harmful chemicals,

Uses this mistake as inspiration to find a solution to toxic chemical pollution issues,

Strongly urges nations to understand the threat that toxic substances poses to all animal life, including humans, when disposed irresponsibly in to water supplies by companies,

Notes that currently only 14% of the chemicals used in the largest volumes have the minimum amount of data publicly available to make a basic safety assessment,

Expressing its desire that stronger rules be implemented for companies using toxic chemicals,

  1. Declares that all companies using chemicals designated as toxic should adhere to further enforced regulations to always dispose of these chemicals in a safe manner that does not endanger any animals or pollute water supplies;
  2. Authorises' that the companies may chose their own method of disposal depending on their expenses but shall have to fill out a form issued by the UN when doing so to ensure they are complying with regulations;
  3. Proposes the formation of organisation TUAY – ‘Tidy Up After Yourself’ – to monitor these forms and ensure that companies stay in focus with safe disposal methods;
  4. Proclaims that if companies comply for two years, incentives for compliance should be offered as reward which could be in the form of:
    1. day-long or lengthier overnight excursions for employees to a destination of their desire,
    2. any other reward that the TUAY can provide,
  5. 'Regrets that alternatively if a company fails to comply, they are deemed to be Damaging the Environmental and may be penalised according to what TUAY feels necessary;
  6. Calls for all current methods of disposal that are polluting to our environment (e.g. pipelines to the ocean and holes for storage in the soil) be removed by TUAY as they will no longer be in use and so companies do not feel compelled to use these options.

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