Committee: Media

Question of: The Use of the Internet by Terrorist Organisations

Submitted by: Netherlands

Fully aware that terrorists and other criminal organisations use proxy servers to hide their identity and location when on the internet,

Alarmed that the web is almost entirely un-policed and un-censored internationally,

Notes that countries do not readily share information about online terrorist that may pose a threat to international security,

Aware that the internet is one of the easiest ways to organise terrorist action untraced; aside from face to face meetings, and this information can be successfully monitored by internet service providers,

  1. Calls for the international ban of proxy servers as they permit the use of anonymous web use without traceability;
  2. Asks for the formation of the “International ‘Net Police” (InterNetPol) that will;
    1. actively seek out terrorists,
    2. have powers to globally make arrests in the interests of international stability,
  3. Encourages the introduction of an international network to share information about potential terrorists operating within countries and to alert other nations of possible threats;
  4. Proposes that legislation be written forcing internet service providers to trace and share information about its customers with InterNetPol or Governments to ensure international security.

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