Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: The use of Technology for Improvement of Education of Children

Submitted by: Netherlands

Realising that the African countries have next to none of the technology the west use for education,

Acknowledges the impossible costs to an individual country of giving LEDCs the technology to make a difference to their entire education system,

Noting that the use of technology in Western society proves that if the situation was the same to that in Africa help would be called for and education standards would be a lot lower,

Realising infrastructures such as national power grids and phone lines in LEDCs are not sufficient to cope with and education system based on technology,

Observing with approval that member states possess personnel with experience who are willing to help,

  1. Calls upon the United Nations to provide funding and personal to LEDCs to enable the building up of the technology infrastructure;
  2. Requests financial rewards from the UN to those countries that send personal or help to LEDCs;
  3. Provide incentives to institutions that research more efficient ways of making use of technology in schools in LEDCs;
  4. Suggests that educational practitioners worldwide have training for and have to pass basic computer literacy requirements provided by those aid workers mentioned in clause 2;
  5. Invites all states to adopt minimum requirements for the number of ICT lessons per annum and number of computers per students.

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