Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: The Use of Technology for Improvement of Education of Children

Submitted by: Indonesia

Concerned about the way LEDCs do not have many of the technological advances that MEDCs take for granted,

Realising that technology is not essential in the education of children however other equipment is,

Worried about the cost to local government of millions of laptops that would be required to equip every child in LEDCs,

Apprehensive about the loss of basic writing and literacy skills if everything is typed,

Anxious about the practicality of training the teachers to use the technology to an acceptable standard,

  1. Suggests that the ‘one laptop per child’ scheme be reinforced internationally;
  2. Urges the United Nations to provide the necessary funding to make sure that all schools have the essential equipment;
  3. Invites MEDCs to put recycling schemes into place to try to reuse old and unwanted laptops;
  4. Expresses its hope that LEDCs create nationally structured syllabi so to ensure that there is a balance between written work and typed work;
  5. Asks for a body and fund be set up whose purpose is to make sure that all teachers in LEDCs get the essential proper training.

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