Committee: Human Rights

Question of: The Uprising in Syria

Submitted by: United Kingdom

Aware of the anti-government protests in cities in the Syrian Arab Republic have been on-going since 26th January,

Believing that the Syrian Government is killing peaceful protesters,

Accepting that some Syrian Government troops have been killed,

Fully believing reports from the Human Rights Watch (9th July) that President Bashar al-Assad has ordered these soldiers to attack protestors,

Citing Amnesty International’s claims that Human Rights violations have occurred in the Syrian town of Tel Kalakh,

Fully alarmed that some protesters have been tortured by Syrian security forces,

Congratulating the Arab League in its decision to apply pressure to the Syrian Government,

Having considered that Syrian officials say a captured terrorist has confessed to receiving foreign aid and instructions from contacts in Saudi Arabia and Jordan to deface Damascus,

  1. Calls for an end of media censorship by the government of Syria;
  2. Encourages that al-Assad is asked to stand down by the UN as a whole;
  3. Supports measures to be taken against the government of Syria to achieve this goal;
  4. Demands that talks between countries in the Arab League and Syria happen to bring a peaceful end to the uprising in whichever way is deemed necessary by the attending countries;
  5. Recommends that al-Assad and senior members of his security forces are put on trial for violation of human rights;
  6. Requests Article 8 of the Syrian Constitution, which grants the Baath party the role of leader of the state and society, be repealed.

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