Committee: Political

Question of: The Situation in Somalia

Submitted by: Netherlands

Alarmed by the nonexistence of a functioning central and national government in Somalia, and the lack of a national legal system,

Noting that numerous clan and sub-clan factions exist both in support and opposition to the transitional government,

Deeply concerned by the threat of Islamist leaders to turn the country into a graveyard for foreign soldiers should peace keepers be introduced,

Noting with regret that the political situation of the Somali Civil war has been marked by chaos, inter clan fighting, random banditry, internecine warfare between proto-governments and resistance to the state,

Pre-empting a downward spiral in which future politicians only have the example of their predecessors to call upon when taking important decisions,

  1. Calls upon the United Nations to fund the creation of a local police force to lend security to any future election;
  2. Welcomes the establishment of the political parties whose goals include setting up a modern national electoral system and committing themselves to keeping this system running;
  3. Asks for the help of the United Nation to work with an elected or transitional government to set up a legal system in respect of the country’s needs and the human rights of its citizens;
  4. Encourages the formation of a central and national government to stop any further political division of the country;
  5. Calls for the United Nations to set up an educative government body, to train future politicians in methods of safe, moral and democratic leadership.

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