Committee: Security Council

Question of: The Situation in Mali

Submitted by: France

Responding to the recent increase in violence in the African nation of Mali between the legitimate, constitutional government and Islamist rebels,

Aware that fighting against the Tuareg Rebels has been taking place within Mali since January 2012,

Concerned that this previously nomadic group are now receiving aid from the Islamic group Ansar Dine,

Noting that the Mali governments claim over the entire country is supported by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the United Nations,

Recalling Security Council Resolution 2085 and the creation of the African-led International Support Mission in Mali,

Remembering the American intervention in the county during 2012 which led to US-trained generals defecting to the rebels and leading coups against the government,

Further noting that during the last year the government of Mali has been in turmoil and requires international aid and guidance in order to support its people,

Expressing its satisfaction at news of peace talks in Burkina Faso's capital, Ouagadougou, on 21 January,

  1. Condemns the seizing of the city of Konna by Ansar Dine militants;
  2. Demands that Ansar Dine militants and Tuareg Rebels relinquish their claims on the northern territory of Mali immediately;
  3. Calls upon other nations to join France in providing military support and personnel to the Mali government;
  4. Asks that the United Kingdom and Germany offers military assistance as their leaders have suggested;
  5. Calls for a military summit to be held in Paris within one week in which an intervention plan and withdrawal arrangement are finalised by all member states taking part which must include;
    1. a list of all military materiel being offered by each member state,
    2. a timetable of movements from member states to Northern Mali,
    3. a coordinated military plan for action within Mali, and at least two contingency plans,
    4. a list of penalties to be imposed upon nations if they do not withdraw from Mali within the assigned timeframe,
    5. an observer from ECOWAS and from the United Nations,
  6. Encourages member states to put together proposals for any of the above sub-clauses before the military summit;
  7. Recommends ICC trials for leaders of the Tuareg Rebels and Ansar Dine Islamists if they do not adhere to Clause 2.

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