Committee: Human Rights

Question of: The Situation in Angola

Submitted by: Portugal

Noting with regret that since independence in 1975 Angola has been ravaged by civil war between the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA);

Deeply regretting that even with the end of the Cold War, and in spite of the efforts of the U.N. Angola Verification Mission (UNAVEM and UNACVEM II) the war has continued, with an estimated 1000,000 killed through fighting and famine in the last year alone,

Recognising that the 1992 election was severely disrupted by the problems of the failure to disarm demobilised soldiers on both sides, by civil violence and unrest over the shortage in food supplies,

Commending the essential work of the World Food Programme and non-governmental organisation such as Concern, World Vision and Médecins sans Frontiéres in providing food and relief workers to the worst affected areas of Angola,

Expressing its desire that peace talks between the MPLA and UNITA be resumed in Lusaka with a view to finding a workable settlement to the conflict,

  1. Calls upon UNITA to recognise the MPLA election victory of 1992;
  2. Urges the MPLA to accept the principle of a degree of a power-sharing government with representatives of UNITA;
  3. Further urges that the development of a political programme should begin with an immediate and effective cease-fire, ordered by leaders of both sides;
  4. Recommends that this decision be followed with the immediate and effective disarmament and demobilisation of the two warring armies, to be supervised by UNAVEM;
  5. Suggests that demobilisation be completed by 1st July;
  6. Supports the establishment of a federal political system for a post-war Angola, to be agreed in principle at the Lusaka talks, and to be negotiated in conjunction with UNAVEM by representatives from both sides within the power-sharing government;
  7. Warns both sides that failure to comply with UNAVEM and any continued abuse of human rights in the military conflict will lead to the Angolan Crisis being referred to the Secretary General and UN Commissioner for Human Rights for immediate consideration;
  8. Calls upon all member states to make further voluntary donations to the international aid effort in Angola.

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