Committee: Disarmament

Question of: The possible effects of the sinking of a South Korean ship by the DPRK

Submitted by: Germany

Noting the results of independent investigations that strongly implicate a submarine from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) in the incident which took place on 26th March,

Defining the sinking of South Korean ship by the North as a direct attack on South Korea,

Reminds all nations that the South Korean ship was in sovereign territory of South Korea,

Applauds South Korea for temporarily freeing trade with the North,

Deeply concerned by the loss of live that was caused by the sinking of the ship,

Drawing attention to the possibility of a re-emergence of warfare on the Korean peninsula if the situation is not quickly resolved,

  1. Calls for the United Nations Security Council to place sanctions on the North Korea for their provocative actions;
  2. Urges all nations to stop trading with trade with North Korea until it has been agreed what part the North played in the sinking of the southern ship;
  3. Asks North Korea to hand the rest of its torpedoes to the United Nations to avoid a conflict;
  4. Calls for the World Bank to fund the reconstruction of a another Southern ship to replace the decommission one;
  5. Recommends that North Korea temporary stop all naval activity until the situation is resolved.

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