Committee: Human Rights

Question: The Rights of Women

Submitted by: Mauritania

Aware of how women are treated poorly in some countries, in some cases with direct constitutional approval,

Regrets how the Islamic Republic of Mauritania may have treated women in the past,

Recognising that men or women might be treated badly because of their religion or because of the religion of their spouse,

Noting with satisfaction the rights that have already been put in place for women,

Emphasizing how some countries are allowing more females to become more involved including letting them run for governmental positions and even Presidency,

  1. Calls upon a Women’s Protection body to help women who are being discriminated against;
  2. Further calls upon Governments of LEDCs to be more aware of the rights of women within the Declaration of Human Rights and protect the women in their country;
  3. Congratulates all countries who have already put in systems which stops the discrimination which takes place against women;
  4. Encourages Governments that actively encourage the professional aspirations of women and who permit them to enter employment on an equal footing to men;
  5. Considers that all women should, if employed, be given the same amount of money as men;
  6. Urges states to put measures into place ensuring that all marriages between two people who are known to have a criminal record or on a sex offenders’ register are made known to local police forces to help prevent husbands hurting or discriminating against women.

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