Committee: Human Rights

Question of: The Right to a Fair Trial

Submitted by: Turkey

Believes that every logical human being has the right to a fair trial regardless of their race, gender or socio-economic origin,

Bearing in mind the widespread injustice that is rife within the judicial structures of many countries,

Aware of the delicate nature of many cases which restrict them from being widely accessible,

Reaffirming its absolute faith in its own judicial practices and those of its bordering states,

Noting with deep concern the tendency to use excessive courtroom aggression in cases which have a substantial impact on the involved country or its government,

  1. Urges other member states to come together and draw up a comprehensive document which details precedents and indicatory rules in the aim of achieving a universal judicial body which would be responsible for all judiciary activity thus reducing injustice and violation of human rights;
  2. Resolves to create a policy called the Legislative Accessibility Document (LAD) that will provide definitions of unjust judiciaries and detail the necessary sanctions against the persons involved;
  3. Calls for the immediate creation of an independent regulatory body to regulate international relations and conduct within the boundaries of the LAD;
  4. Proposes that this body is chaired by a representative from the first state that agrees to it formation;
  5. Forcefully proposes that all documents associated to legal proceedings be open through the LAD body to anybody meaning that there is complete transparency;
  6. Calls upon member states to make adjustments to their own legal systems so that the responsibility for sanctions provided by the LAD can be administered locally;
  7. Implores action with intention to making the Universal Declaration of Human Rights an applicable and binding document which will lead to severe reprimands if violated.

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