Committee: Political

Question of: The Right of the Kurdish People to Self Determination

Submitted by:

Recognises the Kurdish people as Iranian people native to the Middle East inhabiting a region known as Kurdistan,

Further recognises it is not viable for Kurdistan to have complete independence,

Acknowledging that the Kurdish people have the right to settle within the clearly defined borders of Kurdistan, Concerned about the political tension between the Kurdish people and the citizens of Turkey,

Seeking a peaceful solution to ensure the safety of both the Kurdish people and people of other races in the surrounding area,

  1. Calls for a Logistical Universal Visa (LUV) to be created which would;
    1. allow the Kurdish people to cross the international boundaries within the region of Kurdistan with as little let or hindrance as possible,
    2. ensure that border-safety is kept an optimum level yet run efficiently,
    3. enable the Kurdish people to as much right of movement as possible,
    4. giving the UN the ability to stop any possible threats to the peace,
  2. Urges Kurdish resistance movements to engage in a cease fire and enter into peaceful discussions with the Turkish government;
  3. Suggests the introduction of an UN annual review of the governments of states in which Kurdistan is set, this review will cover;
    1. the relationship between the state in question and the Kurdish people,
    2. the provision for the human rights of the Kurdish people,
    3. the government officials’ handling of the situation
    4. whether further training is necessary for these governmental officials,
  4. Encourages Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Armenia to allow the Kurdish people to establish political representation in the case that there is none established;
  5. Requests independent political advisors help educate members of governments in order to establish representation for the Kurdish people;
  6. Appeals for tight economic and trade sanctions to be placed upon any country does not abide by the terms set out within this resolution.

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