RCommittee: Disarmament

Question of: The Relationship Between the Access to Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Submitted by: Pakistan

Defines nuclear energy as the energy that is produced during a nuclear reaction, either by fusion or fission,

Recognising that 6.3% of the world’s energy is produced through the means of nuclear facilities,

Observing that there are currently 31 countries with nuclear power plants and a further 1 country with plants in construction,

Acknowledges that Pakistan, Israel, North Korea and India have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty,

  1. Calls for all member states to adhere to Article VI of the NPT in which members should aim towards a "Treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control";
  2. Requests for the following incentives to be introduced to countries who begin to reduce their nuclear weapon production;
    1. countries who begin to reduce their nuclear weapon production shall have monetary benefits granted by the UN,
    2. countries wishing to begin nuclear disarmament shall be offered international experts on disarmament, provided by the UN,
    3. when a country reaches a certain stage in its disarmament, further monetary aid shall be granted,
  3. Suggests that an annual United Report for Mulctary fines On Misinformation (URMOM) be created. This report, composed by an independent panel, of whom are allowed access to all member state nuclear facilities, will show the UN the progress of the disarmament in member states and any abnormalities that occur within the statistics. Abnormalities will be followed up by further investigations by the Perpetrators Of Laws Involving Cataphysical Energy (POLICE) committee, to ensure the country in question is still within the NTP boundaries;
  4. Affirms that those countries outside of NPT regulations, be fined in relation to the size of the break of the treaty;
  5. Further requests that the United States withdraws its provision of over 180 B61 nuclear bombs to Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey, so as to not violate Articles I and II of the NPT;
  6. Encourages further talks between the United States and Pakistan to finalize a deal on US civilian nuclear technology, as has happened with India.

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