Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: The Relationship Between Youth Crime and Gang Culture

Submitted by: Botswana

Noting that the current situation of youth crime throughout the world is rising,

Calling upon all states to recognise this issue and consider helping the youths as well as traditional prevention methods,

Realising that youth crime has risen dramatically in the past decade,

Noting with regret that penal systems worldwide have a negative impact on young inmates and often do little to stop reoffenders,

Feels that communities are not doing enough to educate citizens about negative impacts of gang crime,

Understands that many states do not have the infrastructure or capacity to implement some of the schemes needed to combat gang culture,

Recognising that the draws of gang cultures include higher income

  1. Urges all states and initialise programmes for disenfranchised youths to attend that could include;
    1. youth sports clubs,
    2. youth centres,
    3. other projects that strengthen skills and sense of community,
    4. other projects that will negate the damage that gangs have caused,
  2. Suggests that youths convicted of serious crimes should go to juvenile rehabilitation centres;
  3. Further suggests that each state should oversee the construction of at least one juvenile rehabilitation centre within their borders;
  4. Calls for the United Nations to provide funding that will go towards state’s efforts to educate youths about the negative impacts of gang related violence and other crimes;
  5. Encourages states to work towards providing extra jobs so youths do not have a reason to turn to gangs as a source of income;
  6. Recommends states instigate some form of criminal records checks for all teachers and youth workers to stop gang members from recruiting youths in this manner.

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