Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: The Relationship Between Newly Industrialised LEDCs and the Globalised Market

Submitted by: Netherlands

Convinced that any lack on investment in LEDCs is due to them not having the infrastructure that large corporations demand,

Appalled by the increase in carbon dioxide emissions from LEDCs who are slowly developing at the cost of the environment,

Believes that if the MEDCs are to invest in LEDCs then cooperation and negotiation from LEDCs is also imperative,

Concerned that the rate of growth in certain LEDCs is taking place too quickly and may have an adverse affect in the long term,

Deeply concerned that too much investment in LEDCs may harm the balance of trade in MEDCs,

  1. Calls for the creation of a UN body named Global Economic Advice, Support and Help (GEASH) that assists all nations including LEDCs by scrutinising economic policies that may have a large adverse effect on global markets;
  2. Encourages all nations to back a new stock market that includes companies from LEDCs who are looking for investment and would previously not have access to such facilities;
  3. Further encourages those LEDCs to invest in their country's infrastructure instead of channeling money into further growth;
  4. Affirms that advice and expertise with regards to the best methods of implementation and funding such development will be provided by GEASH;
  5. Proposes harsher sanctions on LEDCs which are growing at the expense of the global environment;
  6. Urges the GEASH to also aid large corporations which should be looking into investments in LEDCs and to cooperate directly with governmental organisations involved;
  7. Further urges MEDCs to maintain economic competitiveness with other nations without the use of protectionism.

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