Committee: Political

Question of: The Protection of Civilians in Armed Combat

Submitted by: Sierra Leone

Congratulating the decisions taken to ban military practices such as napalm and “carpet bombing”,

Reminds about Article 57 of the 1977 Additional Protocol I to the 1949 Geneva Convention states that in international conflict “constant care shall be taken to spare the civilian population, civilians, and civilian object…”,

Concerned that native populations become effectively trapped in their own states during the initial states of armed conflict,

Congratulating the efforts of UN peacekeeping forces in areas that have been affected by conflict,

Accepting that, even if all laws and resolutions are followed, the protection of civilians cannot be guaranteed,

Nevertheless maintaining its desire to minimize harm to- and loss of- civilian life,

  1. Calls for laws to be put in place that;
    1. ban the construction of military facility within a radius of ten miles of any civilian dwelling,
    2. enforce a like-for-like rehabilitation scheme for any who are moved to accommodate military action in peace time,
    3. require all costs and responsibilities of the above laws be placed on the states in which the military actions take place,
  2. Recommends that states produce definite plans for the current and future protection of native populations before engaging in warfare;
  3. Further recommends that affected states’ borders are opened fully and unconditionally at the outset of warfare to give those who are capable the opportunity to leave the state peacefully;
  4. Urges a fund to be set up to provide financial assistance to reconstruction efforts in the wake of conflict;
  5. Calls upon nations engaging in warfare to work with UN peacekeeping efforts to keep them appraised of situations where damage to civilian populations has taken place;
  6. Condemns militaries that use civilian populations for protection, or exploit civilian populations for any other reasons during conflict.

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