Committee: Media

Question of: The Protection of Children Against the Dangers of the Media such as the Internet

Submitted by: Indonesia

Concerned about the lack of knowledge and understanding amongst young people about the dangers of the internet,

Alarmed that children giving away their information on social networking sites can lead to their being targeted by identity fraud and internet predators,

Noting that legislation designed to protect children from advertisement on the television does not extend into other mediums,

Aware that the internet is one of the easiest ways to organise terrorist action untraced; aside from face to face meetings and this information can be successfully monitored by internet service providers,

Considering that legislation to protect children in some states is much more severe and concise than in other states,

  1. Calls for mandatory education for children about the dangers of giving away personal information on the internet;
  2. Requests that the United Nations should provide incentives to member states who demonstrate that they are attempting to train teachers and support workers to teach the dangers of the internet;
  3. Asks the United Nations to create legislation that forces social networking sites to keep a record of all messages sent between clients;
  4. Proposes the formation of an international body whose purpose is to monitor social networking sites looking for those who specifically target unsuspecting children;
  5. Further requests that the United Nations give more powers to the above body to detain those who they suspect to be using information gathered from internet sites for immoral purposes;
  6. Urges governments of member states to introduce a ban on advertisement embedded within sites that are target specifically at children.

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