Committee: Media

Question of: The Prevention of Cyber-terrorism

Submitted by: United States

Alarmed by the lack of protection that major corporations possess to counter the effects of Cyber-terrorists,

Noting the work of some corporations, particularly in the United States of America, to set up their own anti-hacker units and programs,

Supporting those in the media who encourage vigilance on the part of civilians,

Aware of the severe damage to the world's economics that could be inflicted through a successful major Cyber-terrorist intrusion,

  1. Urges companies to employ specialist internet police workers or IT security professionals to prevent cyber-terrorism who would;
    1. make suggestions for more efficiant tools and programs that could be used as a means of protection,
    2. keep a close eye on websites and the security of internet resources,
  2. Suggests a fund be initiated to help with the training of a new cohort of internet police workers;
  3. Encourages the initiation of mirror sites that keep secure data hidden and distanced from the public;
  4. Calls for collaborative efforts to research measures to make the internet more secure, this could include;
    1. building stronger firewalls,
    2. engaging anti-virus software universally,
    3. distributing and using the most up-to-date software,
  5. Calls upon nuclear states to invest further in the research due into disabling and decoding viruses such as Stuxnet.

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