Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: The Increase in Counterfeiting Worldwide

Submitted by: Honduras

Defining counterfeiting as the illegal reproduction of currency,

Applauding the work done by the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition charity in order to raise awareness of the issue internationally,

Noting that the victims of counterfeiting will often be the small businesses who take in the artificial currency and cannot redeem it in banks,

Concerned by results of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute’s report on the spread of international counterfeiting,

Alarmed by the UNICRI’s claims about the scale of international counterfeiting,

Aware of the links between industrially forged currency and inflation,

Emphasising the profit that organised crime syndicates can gain through processes associated with counterfeiting,

Desiring the profile of counterfeiters, and the level of punishment for their crimes, to be raised to be similar to those of drug traffickers,

  1. Calls for a ban on the transport of physical currency over a limit of 1000USD;
  2. Proclaims that any person wishing to transport levels of currency over this limit should do so through electronic means;
  3. Endorses further research into technologies that could be applied to paper currency in order to;
    1. make it more difficult to forge,
    2. make it easier to track,
  4. Expresses its hope that governments will invest in methods of safeguarding the value of their currency by preventing counterfeiting;
  5. Calls upon an existing international task force to have the search for those persons engaging in large scale counterfeiting included in their mandate;
  6. Further calls for harsher sanctions for those persons proved to be involved in counterfeiting, so that incarceration times and fines are at similar levels to drug trafficking.

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