Committee: Political

Question of: The Inclusion of Non-Democratic States into the United Nations

Submitted by: United States

Concerned about the number of states which represent non-democratic governments and as such send delegates to the United Nations who do not fully represent their population,

Welcoming the inclusion of as many representatives from as many states as possible into the Assemblies of the United Nations,

Believing that a Government not democratically-elected by its subjects does not have the mandate to address these subjects’ needs,

Taking into consideration the logistical problems of finding a democratically-elected representative in the short term,

Reaffirming this government’s wish not to reduce the number of United Nations Delegates, or to remove delegates from countries that do not have a democratic government,

Realising that it is not the place of this assembly to interfere in the running of the government of member states,

  1. Invites all member states to hold democratic elections to determine the person or persons who will represent them in these committees;
  2. Calls upon the United Nations to form a body called the Democratic Election of Representative Committee (DERC) whose purpose will be to determine which delegates have not been democratically-elected;
  3. Recommends that this body will also be responsible for determining the validity of any elections held to appoint delegates;
  4. Welcomes a sixth month transition period before the following sanctions are enforced;
  5. Asks this assembly to suspend delegates who have not been democratically elected and who cannot show the above body that they intend to hold such elections within a further six months;
  6. Calls for the exclusion of future delegates who the DERC has not deemed to be democratically elected;
  7. Suggests that the United Nations lend its aid, expertise and personnel to those states that do not have a democratic system in place so that they will be able to hold elections for representatives.

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