Committee: Human Rights

Question of: The Implementation of Improved Warning Systems for Natural Disasters

Submitted by: Netherlands

Approving how the media have given understanding of natural disasters in the past and hopes for this to carry on,

Urges the fact that all people should have the same rights when a natural disaster occurs,

Keeping in mind that if a crisis was to occur the UN would offer considerable help and support to the areas affected and the rescue workers,

Observing most MEDCs will be able to afford their own medical help and firemen to control any stranded personnel,

  1. Calls for an alliance to be formed called MUPPET (the More Unfortunate Peoples Program for Earthquakes and Tsunamis) to help people in situations caused by natural disaster in LEDCs which will help;
    1. to prevent casualties and lower the death rate as much as is humanly possible,
    2. inform any populations which do not understand what is going on about evacuation procedures and how to cope in the event of a natural disaster,
    3. with finding accommodation for and providing medical assistance for injured civilians,
    4. policing and controlling any unwanted crime after the natural disaster,
  2. Welcoming any funding the UN will put in place to help the above body continue with its valuable work;
  3. Expecting the media to inform all civilians in that certain country about the risk of what may happen and to alert the population about the activation of early warning systems;
  4. Invites all states who have had experience to all the natural disasters which have occurred in the last couple of years to share their practical solutions and planning improvements with the MUPPET.

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