Committee: Political

Question of: The escalation of conflict between Turkey and Cyprus

Submitted by: Wycliffe Model United Nations

Seeking a resolution to the source of the current threat of violence in the Mediterranean,

Dismayed by the lack of diplomatic links between the states of Turkey and Cyprus,

Having considered the state of the invasion forces occupying the northern district of Cyprus (known locally as North Cyprus),

Acknowledging the lack of a satisfactory solution to the problem for thirty seven years,

Alarmed by threats made by both government over ownership of gas and oil believed to exist in the international waters between the two coastlines,

Keeping in mind that on-going negotiation has yet to determine who has the right to natural resources found through this process,

Affirming the sovereign right of the government of Cyprus over its own land,

  1. Endorses the use of force to encourage delegations from both countries to meet and discuss the solutions laid out in this resolution;
  2. Authorises the United Nations to officially determine the international boundaries between the two countries;
  3. Suggests that Cyprus amends its immigration policies to make it more difficult for people from other countries to enter the state;
  4. Permits Cyprus to continue with its drilling operations;
  5. Supports an exchange between the countries resulting in;
    1. the oil in the disputed zone within the Mediterranean being under the control of Cyprus,
    2. forty per cent of the oil,
    3. the land of North Cyprus being under the control of Turkey,
    4. an area of land equal to that of the current district of North Cyprus be transferred to Cypriot control,
  6. Encourages a full transfer of the rights to the area of North Cyprus to the Turkish government.

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