Committee: Disarmament

Question of: The Enrichment of Uranium in Iran

Submitted by: Russia

Having devoted'attention to the continual build up uranium stores in Iran,

Taking note the rate of Iran's uranium enrichment has accelerated despite cyber-sabotage from the Stuxnet virus in 2009,

Welcoming further talks so that all countries can make their views clear, thereby leading to a lessening in tension in the Middle East and worldwide,

Observing that Iran has a right to develop a peaceful nuclear program on its own soil, providing that iran accepts further safeguards,

1. Recommends that Iran follow international obligations, as a member of the United Nations, and allows for further transparency in their actions;
2. Urges that this conflict is resolved as early as possible, and lessen tensions in the Middle East;
3. Further endorses that Israel and Russia will continue consultations geared towards resolving the nuclear standoff with Iran through peaceful means;
4. Expresses its hope that the funding within the IAEA is being spent accordingly in terms of equipment, facilities and materials to ensure more rigorous and successful investigations in the future.

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