Committee: Disarmament

Question of: The Enrichment of Uranium in Iran

Submitted by: Iran

Recognising that uranium is an important raw material in the production of nuclear energy because its U-235 isotope can be readily fissioned to create substantial amounts of energy,

Condemning the erroneous accusations made by Israel that Iran has sinister motives behind the development of nuclear energy,

Recalling the numerous times that Iran has stated that its nuclear ambitions are purely peaceful, aimed at generating electrical power and nothing close to the nuclear weapons most countries attacking Iran possess,

Alarmed by the ongoing conspiracy which is being piloted by certain countries to suit themselves, and aimed at attacking the Iranian regime and therefore pushing the country into international isolation,

Reminding this committee that Iran has never refused to comply with international investigations, but is suspicious of hypocrisy that occurs when Israel is allowed to develop a nuclear programme but Iran is not,

Declaring the International Atomic Energy Agency incapable of making sound judgements about Iran’s nuclear programme because it is financially and administratively controlled by the West and Israel,

Deploring the inequitable and unnecessary sanctions that have been imposed on Iran under Resolutions 1803 and 1929 which have been detrimental to Iranian citizens,

1. Calls upon all member states to become accepting of Iran’s nuclear programme, seeing it as a means of stabilising the Middle East, allowing to balance Israel’s nuclear might, with deterrence acting to finally make the Middle East a peaceful place;
2. Draws the attention of the international community to the harm inflicted on the Iranian population by sanctions that have been unjustly imposed on our country and therefore demands that these be immediately lifted. These sanctions have not only increased price of staple foods but also devalued the riyal by half of its value in 2010, thereby leading to a deterioration in living standards;
3. Trusts that the development of a nuclear programme in Iran will reduce military imbalances in the region as there has never been a full scare war between two nuclear armed states, citing the case of India and Pakistan;
4. Considers suspending 20% of its Uranium enrichment if the P5+1 countries guarantee that Iran will be supplied with 20% fuel for the country’s reactors;
5. Supports the establishment of an international body, the International Nuclear Investigation Committee (INIC) to oversee the enrichment of uranium in the country, which will be independent of the United Nations and the P5+1, but instead work in collaboration with the former so as to allow unbiased investigations to be carried out in Iran.

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