Committee: Ecology and Environment

Question of: The Development of Alternative, Sustainable Energy Sources

Submitted by: Netherlands

Feels that there is no need to impress the serious threat that climate change/global warming poses for the world,

Understands that a large bulk of mankind’s current carbon emissions are due to the exhaust from cars,

Reminds of a car invented by Honda which uses hydrogen to run the car instead of petrol,

Applauds this invention more because it’s most important substance substance, hydrogen, is the most abundant element in the universe,

Acknowledges that the two factors that may largely sway the decision to increase a certain energy type’s production could be the amount of money required and which is the most efficient/easy to install,

  1. Calls for the hydrogen cell technology to be further promoted and its use to be expanded;
  2. Requests that the technology is distributed to all other car manufacturers with instructions to install it in to the new car they produce;
  3. Suggests that petrol stations install filling tanks of hydrogen as well as petrol for these cars to run;
  4. Encourages incentives for environmental aid, administered as an alternative to money for environmental help so that lack of money does not prevent large plans to reduce emissions from being performed;
  5. Invites a time limit of 3 and a half years for this to be achieved;
  6. Further suggests that the attending committee may wish to input amendments regarding how the distribution of the hydrogen cell technology to manufacturers may be handled.

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