Committee: Disarmament

Question of: The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s Recent Nuclear Tests

Submitted by: United States

Emphasising the purpose of the United Nations to govern and control the use of weapons that would have a devastating effect on the world as a whole,

Recognising the need of states to possess and use nuclear material as a renewable energy source,

Acknowledges that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) had been a member of, and had adhered to, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty until 2003,

Observing that states outside of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty such as India and Pakistan have openly declared that they do possess the ability to construct and launch nuclear weapons,

Concerned that the recent underground nuclear explosion in the vicinity of Punggye could give DPRK the ability to launch nuclear attacks at many UN member states,

  1. Calls for all member states to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT);
  2. Asks the DPRK to immediately cease nuclear testing and to dismantle their nuclear weapons capabilities within the next year;
  3. Encourages diplomatic solutions to the problem to be sought by the UN, by holding talks between UN ambassadors and DPRK as well as other states that have not signed the NPT such as India, Israel and Pakistan;
  4. Requests incentives to be set up for states that have shown willingness to cease nuclear tests and to convert their Uranium stockpile from military use to energy use. These incentives should take the form of financial incentives and the use of UN experienced personnel to help the state with the transition;
  5. Further requests that heavy sanctions be imposed on countries that conduct military nuclear testing outside of the bounds NPT. These sanctions should take the form of;
    1. a ban on trading any munitions with UN member states,
    2. fines in relation to the size of the break of the above regulations,
    3. a requirement for all future nuclear programmes, whether for energy or military use, to be completely transparent,
    4. continued nuclear testing outside the bounds of the NPT should result in a ban in all trade with UN member states,
  6. Recommends that a body be created to monitor and report on the nuclear activities of those states that the Security Council suspect to be acting outside of the NPT. This body will also be responsible for the allocation of the above incentives and sanctions.

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