Committee: Human Rights

Question of: The Death Penalty

Submitted by: United States

Guided by the need for safe and secure nations,

Recognising Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights which reads, “The Right to Life,”

Further recognising Article 5 of the Declaration of Human Rights which reads, “The right not to be tortured or subject to cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment,”

Noting the variety of reasons for which people are executed worldwide,

Noting with regret the degrading and inhumane ways in which the death penalty is enforced in some cases,

Recalling unfortunate cases of innocents being condemned to death as a result of improper investigation and legal proceedings,

  1. Encourages the use of the death penalty to be used as a deterrent for crimes of a serious nature;
  2. Approves the creation of the UN body Right to Enact the Death Penalty (REDP) to verse the implementation of the following clauses;
  3. Emphasises the need for rigorous, thorough and unbiased trials in order to establish that the accused is actually guilty and thus the risk of executing innocents is minimalised;
  4. Declares that only those who have committed crimes in which another life is taken or permantly damaged e.g. murder and rape can be put to death;
  5. Requests that all states cease implementing the death penalty as a means of targeting minorities in society;
  6. Condemns all states misusing the death penalty either by using it in a degrading manner or by targeting minorities.

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