Committee: Human Rights

Question of: The Capital Punishment Ban

Submitted by: Brazil

Co-submitted by: Amnesty International, United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Gabon, Myanmar, Cambodia

Expressing its appreciation that The People's Republic of China has taken measure to reduce the use of the Death Penalty,

Accepts that Islamic law is derived from Sharia Law,

Aware that Sharia Law is based on the teachings of the Qur’an and the example set by the prophet Muhammad,

Noting that the cost of sentencing a defendant to death row in The United States of America on average cost at least twice as much a life sentence,

Recognising that the 8th amendment of the United States Constitution which prevents the use of “cruel and unusual punishment”,

Reminds of the negative impact that the use of Capital punishment instils on a country’s reputation,

Draws the attention of fellow U.N. members that in North Korea the consumption of media not approved by the government in punishable by death,

Emphasising that the death penalty is a direct violation of fundamental human rights,

Having studied the effects of the Death Penalty as a deterrent it has shown that it is not an effective method to discourage crime,

  1. Fully believing that if The People’s Republic of China continue to take measures to further reduce the use of The Death penalty it improves other countries’ observations of them;

  1. Suggests that States following Sharia Laws reconstruct their Laws in coordination to the view of their elected leader;

  1. Trusts that the Unites States will reconsider the expenditure used on enforcing the death penalty;

  1. Expresses its hope that the all the states of the United States of America follow the guidance set by the constitution’s 8th amendment referring the fundamentals of human rights;

  1. Reaffirms the social benefits that a country could gain from the amended image after the re-evaluation of its laws on capital punishment;

  1. Encourages the United Nations to be decisive if North Korea do not decide to reconsider their justice system;

  1. Asks that a new method of deterrence be used to help reduce crime in a more efficient and humanitarian manner.

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