Committee: Political

Question of: The boarding of an aid boat by Israeli soldiers

Submitted by: Brazil

Having considered that Israel withdrew its forces from Gaza in 2005, but still controls the sea off the territory's coast,

Fully believing in the sovereignty of the Israeli government over their territorial waters in the Mediterranean,

Reminds that this event happened a week after nine pro-Palestine activists died in an Israeli raid on aid flotilla trying to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza,

Noting that the Israel military believe the divers were terrorist attackers,

Emphasising that Israeli military said the boat was carrying… "a squad of terrorists wearing diving suits on their way to execute a terror attack",

Reaffirming the United Nation’s pledge to bring peace to the region,

  1. Suggests that UN peacekeepers with weapons which will be only be used if they are fired upon help deliver the aid,
  2. Encourages aid workers to announce their presence to the United Nations so that they can benefit from this protection,
  3. Recommends all Palestinians stay away from the coast of Gaza for the time being to help lower the chance of further incidents;
  4. Further recommends a task force is sent in to the Gaza coastline to make sure that there are no Palestinians in the area and if there are tell them to go back;
  5. Calls for Israel to announce publicly the rules of engagement to their navy this will hopefully reduce the amount of deaths;
  6. Calls upon the Israeli military to accept responsibility for any other attacks that may have happened in the area,
  7. Requests that Israel lets abroad aid help the Gaza civilians, especially aid that has been announced and sanctioned by the United Nations as demonstrated in clauses 1 and 2.

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