Committee: Security Council

Question of: Terrorism in Airports

Submitted by: United States

Understanding that the security measures imposed may not be applicable to certain nations,

Noting with deep concern that the events of September 11th 2001 still strike fear into air passengers all over the world,

Emphasising the problems caused by different countries having different screening processes,

Observing that this discrepancy was abused in the recent attempt to detonate bombs hidden within toner cartridges,

Reminding delegates that simple metal detectors may not be enough to stop significantly more advanced methods of destruction,

  1. Calls for the United Nations to create a universal security body that guards airports and air terminals named USecure;
  2. Calls upon member states to train all staff in “stop and search” methods to be used with suspicious individuals;
  3. Urges all nations to upgrade and maintain the latest technology, searching devices and related machinery;
  4. Recommends that nations implement the “screening passengers by observation techniques” (SPOT) program that is operating in some United States airports;
  5. Proclaims that airlines must be regulated to ensure they are using armed sky marshals on all flights;
  6. Suggests an increase in research into residue screening and other new methods of detecting if explosives have been present near any person or item of freight;
  7. Proposes the use of the phrase “Have you got a bomb on you?” in all airports alongside a lie detector.

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