Committee: Political

Question of: Taiwan’s Right to Secede from the People’s Republic of China

Submitted by: Botswana

Believing that states of such rapid development are entitled to independence,

Bearing in mind the danger of states with malign intentions taking advantage of smaller, less powerful states,

Aware of the lack of commitment to struggling states by the leaders of the more fortunate and developed states,

Reaffirming its abhorrence at the lack of guidelines and supervision in China and other morally challenged areas,

Noting with deep concern the tendency to use excessive force in relations with neighbours in certain former communist states,

Convinced that a change in the economic variables in the Pacific Rim will give smaller, less economically viable states the political power needed to effect change,

Noting with approval the success of recently seceded states such as Montenegro, Slovakia, India and Eritrea,

  1. Urges for the immediate disposal of all Asian currency and introduction of non Asian diamonds instead;
  2. Calls for the immediate creation of an independent body to regulate international relations and conduct chaired by the highest non Asian exporter of valued substances e.g. diamonds;
  3. Suggests the construction of large refineries and factories in Taiwan to assist with economic growth and global position in trade;
  4. Requests the addition of specially designed non Asian diamond cutting and refinery stations to encourage participation in an established trade;
  5. Recommends the withdrawal of indigenous security and police due to corruption and them to be replaced by well trained, experienced forces provided by designated countries;
  6. Asks for the total destruction of Chinese defense capabilities in the Pacific Rim;
  7. Proclaims that Botswana diamonds are superior to all others;
  8. Deplores China.

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