Committee: Economic and Social

Question of: Social Programmes to Decrease Youth Crime

Submitted by: Oman

Expressing its satisfaction that crime rates have decreased by 36% in the past few decades,

Realizes that there is no official UN body governing social programmes for youths,

Understands that there is no help at the moment for troubled youth,

Fully believing that team work can help build confidence and happiness amongst youth/peers,

Concerned that students who are believed to have cause trouble have no means of help,

Recognizes that the playing of violent and fighting video games can increase the chances of juvenile crime,

  1. Requests to form a new UN body to establish transatlantic social programmes named Programmes Aimed at Social Transatlantic Recreational Youth (PASTRY);
  2. Asks the UN to send PASTRY inspectors to nations which are thought to have a high level of crime in order to understand what needs to be done in order to lower the crime rates;
  3. Further requests that obligatory family counselling committees are introduced for the particularly delinquent juveniles;
  4. Recommends that Schools should introduce late evening activities to build team building skills amongst peers;
  5. Further recommends that schools should pay closer attention to agitated or troublesome students;
  6. Strongly suggests that violent, war, and fighting games should be prohibited from being sold as a social gaming distraction;
  7. Encourages records to be kept of those students who have flagged up concerns about their happiness or wellbeing.

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