Committee: Political

Question of: Secular Governments

Submitted by: Cuba

Accepts that religion is the origin and supporting factor of some nations morals and the basis for political matters,

Aware that religion has the potential to cause extreme bias in a government’s decisions which could potentially not be in the best interests of citizens,

Emphasising that many nations have vast numbers of citizens that practice different religions to the majority or the state sanctioned church,

Questions whether a non-secular Government in which laws are made in order to support religious beliefs can truly and adequately represent their nation,

Noting with Approval that religion is still an important belief for inhabitants of member states to hold,

Reaffirming that a secular state is still one which allows religious views, and is not suggesting that members of states be atheist,

Fully Believes that antidisestablishmentarianism is a view which is no longer relevant to a modern multi-religious organisation,

  1. Calls for all member states who do not have a secular Government to have voting rights temporarily removed to help remove religious bias from United Nations committees;
  2. Asks that all member states allow the free and legitimate worship for all religions without fear of oppression or sanction;
  3. Expresses its hope that all religious bias or influence on state’s constitutions and legal systems should be removed;
  4. Suggests that the alternative could be basing laws on documents such as the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Act;
  5. Proposes that religious holidays which are also public holidays remain un-altered, but the emphasis away from the religious aspect for those who are not a supporter of said religion;
  6. Reminds member states that whilst secularity is important for unbiased government, it is also obligatory that religious freedom and tolerance be withheld.

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