Committee: Environmental

Question: Responsibility for Environmental Accidents

Submitted by: Indonesia

Defines Environmental Accidents as problems that seriously affect the environment around them in a different manner than their natural cause,

Further defines these as accidents whether they occur accidentally or not,

Fully aware that the Environmental Accidents caused by human error are accidents in most cases,

Understands that this makes the placement of personal or corporate responsibility difficult,

Aware of the impact that these Environmental Accidents have on the people and the environment,

Understanding the economic cost of Environmental Accidents to nations in terms of clean-up operations,

Further understanding the costs incurred through loss of tourism following Environmental Accidents,

Recognises that there is no International Environment Protection body within the United Nations,

Noting the work set in motion by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants,

  1. Urges the United Nations to create an international environmental body with the purpose of and resources for combatting Environmental Accidents;
  2. Asks that the United Nations form a new body called the Environmental Accidents Treaty Inter-National Group (EATING);
  3. Requests that all countries to pay a minimal amount of 0.1% of the countries’ income to EATING;
  4. Suggests that the purpose of EATING contains (but is not limited to);
    1. conduct regular safety investigations on safety practices of TNCs,
    2. prosecute those who do not reach the safety requirements,
    3. to work together with the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants,
  5. Calls for all Nations to sign as members of EATING.

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