Committee: Economic and Social

The Question of: Reducing the Negative Influence of Drug Cartels on the Effective Governance of LEDCs

Submitted by: Argentina

Alarmed by the recent violence in Mexico and Latin America,

Expressing its appreciation for countries individual attempt to curb the cartels,

Fully aware of the danger the cartels pose,

Bearing in mind a country’s right to national sovereignty,

  1. Urges nations to take steps to eradicate drug crops within their own border;
  2. Proposes that the IMF funnel money towards UNODC programs that combat the drug cartels in LEDCs;
  3. Encourages wealthy countries to help vulnerable nations to tighten border security;
  4. Hopes to lower wholesale drug sale prices by 25% by 2022;
  5. Requests nations co-operate to combat international drug cartels;
  6. Further recommends the creation of Regional UNODC Committees to provide more specialized assistance to nations in combating the drug cartels;
  7. Condemns any nation that allows the drug trade to grow within their own boarders through inaction.

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