Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Reducing existing nuclear arsenals

Submitted by: Argentina

Defining nuclear arsenals as the number of weapons that a country currently has,

Alarmed by the drastic increase in the number of nuclear arsenals that the major powerhouse countries around the world have,

Concerned by the fact that these countries now have the power to, if they choose, start a nuclear war that would have the potential to end human life on planet earth,

Recognising the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as the most comprehensive and effective treaty that addresses the question and issue of reducing existing nuclear arsenals,

Further recognising that some countries feel that having nuclear weapons in their weapon arsenal is necessary to defend themselves,

Accepting that the likelihood of a nuclear war is very small but the effects can be devastating if there is one so something must be done to help prevent the chance of a nuclear war,

  1. Urges all member states who have not already done so to sign and ratify the NPT;
  2. Proposes that a new treaty is developed that reduces the number of nuclear weapons a country can hold in its weapon arsenal by;
    1. setting a cap on the maximum number of nuclear weapons a country can have,
    2. setting a cap on the maximum number of nuclear weapons a country can produce,
  3. Further urges all countries to sign and ratify this treaty once it is fully developed;
  4. Calls upon the UN Peace Keeping Forces to keep a yearly check on countries that have signed and ratified the treaty as well as owning and producing their own nuclear weapons to make sure that they are staying within both of the set caps;
  5. Reinforces the need for global conferences for the NPT to discuss further ways to reduce the number of existing nuclear weapon arsenals in the future.
  6. Further calls upon the UN and other countries’ military forces (if available) to punish countries who have signed and ratified the treaty but fail to follow the caps set on the number of nuclear weapons that are produced and held.

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