Committee: Ecology and Environment

Question of: Reducing Biodiversity Loss Globally

Submitted by: Netherlands

Defining biodiversity loss as the extinction or huge decline in a number of species,

Noting with deep concern that some nations appear to have no interest in preserving the diversity of wildlife,

Applauds zoos around the world for their work towards the preservation of endangered species,

Reminds all nations that if nothing is done now 30% of all species on earth could be extinct by 2050,

Aware that nations must be given the chance to develop,

Noting with regret that many animals and plants are often killed in war zones,

Informed that much of the biodiversity loss is due to habitat destruction,

Tells all nations that biodiversity is a large source of income for many nations,

  1. Calls for the ban on Traditional Asian medicines which contain substances taken from threatened animals or plants;
  2. Urges all member states to place stricter regulations on the protection of wild habitats;
  3. Further calls for a new UN body to be formed call the Body for the Protection and Conservation of Global Biodiversity (BPCGB) that would have the powers needed to;
    1. recommend sites where reserves should be established to preserve biodiversity,
    2. arrest and prosecute poachers,
    3. start up captive breeding programs for endangered species for later re-introduction into wild habitats,
  4. Asks the Security Council to place sanctions on nations that appear to be doing less than the minimum recommendations to conserve biodiversity as set out by BPCGB;
  5. Implores the UN to allocate funds to poorer nations in order to allow them to establish nature reserves and employ wardens to oversee these reserves;
  6. Recommends that the UN undertake a count of all of the critically endangered animals and plants in order to gain a more accurate understanding of how these animals and plants became critically endangered;
  7. Calls upon member states to place their own economic sanctions on nations that are deemed uncooperative with BPCGB or have shown no effort to conserve wildlife;
  8. Suggests that a new UN body to be formed called the Authority for the Safety of Animals and Plants in War Zones (ASAPWZ) that would be able to;
    1. demand a temporary ceasefire in order to survey the area and gain a clear understanding of the diversity of animal and plant life in the war zone,
    2. suggest weapons that would cause minimal damage to local habitats,
    3. retrieve animals and plants from war zones,
  9. Further implores all nations to establish their own internal habitat reserves in order to preserve biodiversity;
  10. Asks the UN to fund educational programs that will deal with the importance of preserving animals and plants;
  11. Invites other committees within the United Nations to do more to fight the issues of extreme poverty as poverty is often a cause of habitat destruction.

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