Committee: Ecology and Environment

Question of: Protecting Ecologies in International Waters

Submitted by: France

Recognises that the Arctic Ocean has one of the most intact marine systems in the world, thus the preservation of this area is essential for scientific research on ecosystem management and ocean conservation,

Noting with regret that over fishing in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans has posed a severe threat to marine life,

Stressing the importance of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran taking full responsibility for oil spills and resolving problems caused by them accordingly,

Noting with approval that many charities and organisations within member states are making conscious efforts to protect ecologies in International Waters,

Concerned that dredging and trawling are damaging coral in the Pacific Ocean which is the foundation for some of the most prolific ecosystems in the world,

1. Requests that companies should take responsibility should their vessels contaminate international waters which may have an internation impact by :
a.) making use of magnettic emulsions .......
b.)stopping the expansion of offshore oil drillage ......
2. Appeals to all member state’s governments to reduce the release of ecology harming pollutants into the sea by:
(a) regulating shipping emissions,
(b) promoting ways to reduce emissions by operational and technical measures,
3. Urges Japan, Norway and Iceland to forbid commercial whaling due to its undeniable impact on whale populations. In the case of their failure to do so, the WWF should work collaboratively with UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) to draw a strategy to enforce restrictions on commercial whaling;
a.) Urges nations to reduce commercial dolphing, sharking, lobstering;
4. Reaffirms its belief that member states’ Navy, commercial fisheries and scientists must consider discontinuing the use of Sonar in order to prevent harm to whales through disorientation, resulting in death, by withdrawing the availability of this technology;
5. Declares that member states should protect (rather than recklessly exploit) the Arctic, by addressing the threats of oil and gas exploration and development, overfishing, shipping and pollution by collaborating with the Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy, enforcing this by imposing financial sanctions of $ 1,000,000 for any member country who fails to abide by this;
6. Affirms the organisation, Oceana’s belief that trawling and dredging must be stopped as these destructive methods of fishing pose a serious threat to deep-sea ecosystems, the termination of these processes will be achieved through working with Oceana both to raise awareness and for financial sanctions if the former fails.

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