Committee: Security Council

Question of: Promoting Democratization in Asia

Submitted by: Brazil

Believing that democracy is the most morally fair, empathetic and effective form of government for the citizens of a country,

Acknowledges that over the past few years non-democratic countries in Asia have done extremely well economically,

Reiterates that the majorities of first world countries are democracies and the populations with the highest GNI, GDP and HDI are also primarily democracies,

Having considered that it is not the UN’s responsibility to tell countries how to run themselves,

Insists that there is positive change to be made in informing these countries about the benefits of democracy,

  1. Condemns all violence towards peaceful demonstrations of pro-democratic views;
  2. Declares that such violators should be charged with crimes against humanity;
  3. Pushes preparations such be made to hold elections in each country which would operate in stages;
    1. all citizens would be told a year in advance that they would be made to vote whether they would prefer to have a democratic government or not,
    2. all citizens must participate even if they chose the option of to abstain,
    3. those who do not co-operate will be made to pay a small fine proportionate to that citizen’s annual salary, (about 0.5 %)
    4. all off the population are made aware of the result,
    5. no pressure is made from the UN for governments of said countries to change,
  4. Recommends that the UN should supply aid to help those countries that wish to become democracies in the form of;
    1. advice from senior ministers from other countries which already have a democracy in place,
    2. help from UN police to stop corruption,
  5. Suggests that the UN should place peace-keeping forces in the newly formed democracies to help monitor voting, help avoid corruption and the prevention of any violent demonstrations for pro- or anti-government views;
  6. Encourages new and old democracies to sign a new document containing the democratic view and rights that the UN member states uphold called “The Convention of Modern Democracy” to be outlined at a later date by the UN.

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