Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Prevention of Bioterrorism

Submittedby: United States

Recognising bioterroism as terrorism by international release or dissemination of biological agents (bacteria, viruses or toxins); these may be in a naturally-occuring or human-modified form,

Accepting that around 20% of people who suffer from bioterrorism, anthrax in particular, do not survive,

Fully aware that bioterrorism prevention is mainly formed of very small cells callled bacteria, which form spores,

Taking note that bioterrorism prevention, food safety and tracability are at the forefront of discussions,

Understanding and appreciating the United Kingdom's support and effort to try and prevent bioterrorism,

Believing that the medical community must educate the public and policy makers about bioterrorism,

  1. Encourages more effective governmental monitoring of the situation;
  2. Urges the Security Council to form a committee with the prerogative to prevent bioterrorism and treat its victims;
  3. Calls upon the UN to establish emergency procedures that can be put in place when bioterrorism occurs;
  4. Suggests that heavy restrictions should be placed upon the international import or export of bioterrorism Category A agents such as anthrax;
  5. Requests the formation and funding of a UN lab for the pursuit of antidotes and cures;
  6. Strongly suggests that more vaccinations should be made widely available in LEDCs.

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