Committee: Health

Question of: Population Control

Submitted by: Botswana

Understanding that population growth is naturally exponential, and thus a population will always eventually reach a higher level than their need for food and other natural resources,

Disdaining methods of aggressive population control such as war, famine, and mass sterilisation,

Believing that increases in medical capabilities will invariably reduce the mortality rates in all countries and thus increase life expectancy,

Aware that other global issues may appear to be more prevalent at the present time,

Confident that planning for the future of the planet’s population is a significant and vital process,

Concerned by the increase in the rate of the planet’s population grown over previous centuries:

World population milestones (USCB estimates)
Population (billions)123456789
Year18041927 1960197419871999201220272046
Years elapsed between––12333141312131519

Further concerned that the highest UN predictions list the population in 2100 as 16 billion,

  1. Calls for further studies to ascertain which areas in the world are responsible for the highest growth in population;
  2. Asks that the distribution of development aid be linked to the application of population control measures such that:
    1. countries that are named in the above studies who are able to present plans to the UN that will lower their fertility rate should receive higher proportions of funding to do so,
    2. any countries that are able to show that their populations will not increase during every five year period should receive higher proportions of funding;
  3. Suggests that nations engaging in processes contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be ineligible for such funding;
  4. Authorises the World Health Organization to receive country’s plans for population control and to judge whether the funding mentioned in Clause 2 should be distributed;
  5. Proclaims that a focus on the education of younger parents should be the primary means of encouraging family planning and thus reducing fertility rates;
  6. Calls upon the Vatican City to follow the example of many other world religions and permit the use of contraceptives as a method of family planning.

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