State of Palestine
Flag of Palestine
Continent: Asia
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Language: Arabic
Religion: Islam
UN Observer
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Comprising of the regions of land known as the West Bank and the Gaza Strip within the borders of Israel, the State of Palestine is not oficially recognised as a country by the United Nations. In 1948 the state was artificially created when the United Nations divided Israel into two portions, an Jewish State - which retained the name Israel - and an Arab State - using the Roman name Palestine. This religious divide has led to vast numbers of conflicts over the many years since the UN's intervention.

History in the United NationsEdit

The Palestine Liberation Organization was granted observer status on 22 November 1974. Acknowledging the proclamation of the State of Palestine by the Palestine National Council on 15 November 1988, the United Nations General Assembly decided that, effective as of 15 December 1988, the designation "Palestine" should be used in place of the designation "Palestine Liberation Organization" in the United Nations. The current status of Palestine in the UN is a "non-member entity". The Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, occupied by Israel with parts of them governed by the Palestinian National Authority, are referred to by the UN as "Occupied Palestinian Territory".

In 2011, leaders of the Palestinian people lobbied the UN for full recognition of the State of Palestine according to 1967 boarders. The official creation of this state had been expected for years, but with talks with Israel falling through in 2010 due to Israel's construction projects in disputed territory, Palestine was seeking another means. Many nations, including the United States opposed the move, instead pushing for a return to talks between the two countries with a view to establishing a full Palestinian nation by 2012.

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