Republic of Palau
Flag of Palau
Continent: Australasia
Capital: Ngerulmud
Government: Democratic presidential republic
Head of State: Johnson Toribiong
Other Information
Languages: English, Palauan
Religion: Christianity
UN Member State
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Palau is an island nation some 800km to the east of the Philippines. Having emerged from the United Nation's tursteeship in 1994 it is one of the world youngest states. Historicaly Palau has been conquered by not only the Spanish, but the English, Germans, Japanese and most recently Americans. In 1979 the Palauens voted against joining the Federated States of Micronisia because of the language and cultural difference between them and the rest of Micronisia. Palau is seperated into 16 different states, the largest being Koror which holds over the half the population of the country. Most of Palau economy derives from tourism, agriculture and fishing. It has a barrier reef and many World War II wrecks, meaning that scuba diving enthusiates are often attracted to the islands.

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