Committee: Political

Question of: Officially Recognising Taiwan by all UN Members

Submitted by: Brazil

Aware that the People's Republic of China (PRC) claims sovereignty over the island of Taiwan,

Also aware that the Republic of China (ROC) claims sovereignty over mainland China,

Recognises the “1992 Consensus” and the “One China Policy” as a source of the lack of progress,

Acknowledges the discontent of the PRC with regards to the government of the ROC,

Accepts that this discontent does not apply to the people of the ROC,

Desiring the expectances that neither county has ownership of the other,

Concerned that the views of the people living on the island of Taiwan are not being represented by their government,

Defines the government, people and state of the Island of Taiwan as “Taiwan”,

  1. Forces a dissolution of the “One China Policy” leading to two distinct states that;
    1. make no claim of ownership over the other,
    2. make no threats of military action against the other,
    3. permits the international recognition of both states as separate entities,
  2. Encourages a referendum of the people of Taiwan with regards to their wishes about succession which will be funded by the UN;
  3. Endorses a restructuring of the government body of Taiwan in line with the results of the referendum;
  4. Supports the declaration of the independent Republic of Taiwan if this is the will of the Taiwanese people;
  5. Calls for the People’s Republic of China to permit this succession in line with the will of the Taiwanese people
  6. Resolves to give 100km2 to every member of the Taiwanese government who peacefully steps down if the referendum decrees it necessary;
  7. Solemnly affirms that Brazilian Peace Forces will act to remove those in the government who are unwilling to step down if the referendum goes against the government.

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