Committee: Environment

Question of: Oceanic Dead Zones

Submitted by: United States

Requiring all countries to look after their coastline and respond to any dead zones located on their coastlines,

Believing that oceanic dead zones are a problem that could be resolved only by the combined efforts of many countries,

Remembering that all countries do not have the adequate equipment to help resolve these problems,

  1. Calls for all countries to monitor a five mile zone around their coastlines and record the appearance, growth or shrinkages of any oceanic dead zones;
  2. Urges all countries to monitor all parts of the ocean and be rewarded by area for the full amount of of ocean that they monitor;
  3. Requests all countries fix oceanic dead zones and again be rewarded by area of oceanic dead zones that are fixed as long as there are no repercussions to the fixing of the dead zones;
  4. Adds that they will also be rewarded for all biodiversity reintroduced into the oceanic dead zones;
  5. Invites funding for research into discovering a solution to stop the causes of the oceanic dead zones as to save future money that would be spent fixing them;
  6. Recommends punishment for all those who cause these dead zones with fines unless they also invest in helping to fix these dead zones and into research to help the with dead zone prevention.

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