Committee: Disarmament

Question of: Nuclear Testing

Submitted by: Botswana

Defining the question Nuclear Testing as the testing of nuclear power ether in terms of energy production or for military use,

Applauds those nations that have already signed the NTBT,

Ask that nations that have not signed the NTBT draw up their own unilateral laws on Nuclear Testing,

Deeply concerned by the effects of Nuclear Testing on people and the environment,

  1. Calls for the formation of a new body called “Nuclear Testing Authority” that will;
    1. send inspectors to the test site before the test is conducted to make sure that people and the environment can come to no harm,
    2. monitor the amount of radiation in the planet’s atmosphere over the next 50 years,
    3. send inspectors to the site of the nuclear test to see it the blast is so large it puts the environment and human life at risk of contamination,
    4. communicate with nations they feel maybe planning a nuclear test,
  2. Asks all nations that have not already signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (NTBT) to do so immediately;
  3. Implores all nations that are considering conducing nuclear tests to adhere to the NTBT;
  4. Calls upon the United Nations and the Security Council to place sanctions on any nation that conduct nuclear test without the NTA’s knowledge after 18 months of NTA’s launch;
  5. Asks the United Nation to suspend nations that have not signed the NTBT or allowed NTA to inspect their nation;
  6. Suggests that member states place their own economic sanctions on nations that are deemed uncooperative by the United Nations.

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